Group Therapy: Concern For A Vegan Kid

The whole family's vegan, but their child hates vegetables and is always tired. Do you say something out of concern? Or do you keep your mouth shut?
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Dr Darria drops by to give Jenn and Friends Dieting and Health advice headed in to 2020

Dr Darria in Studio With Jenn and Friends!

Dr. Darria drops by the Star 94.1 studio to talk about her recent appearance on "Ted Talk", and to give our listeners health and diet advice. She aswers questions covering several health related topics such as intermittant fasting, Keto, metabolism, and the differences between good sugars and fats...
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In The Loop: October 16th, 2018

Hurricane Michael may have broken us down, but it is bringing us closer!
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Diet Mind Tricks

What advice would you give Jeff as he continues his weight-loss journey
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Jeff's Weight Watchers Journey

Jeff is starting Weight Watchers and he'll be updating us on every milestone.
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Your Partner Could Be Ruining Your Diet

Not able to commit to that diet? It may be your partner’s fault, according to a new study.
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Jenn's Doing The Whole 30

Need a lifestyle reset? Try this all-natural 30-day diet with Jenn to kickstart your body!
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Help! Jenn's Trying the Whole 30 Diet.

Jenn's taking on a BIG challenge & the self discipline department isn't her strong suit. Help! Can she make it through the strict diet without ONE cheat day?? Is it worth it? We need your advice! Help! Jenn's Trying the Whole 30 Diet!
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Why Getting Into 'Proposal Shape' Is the Latest Wedding Trend

The latest wedding trend might seem like a bit of a stretch, however, it seems most brides to be are now getting into proposal shape.
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