Are Mark's Halloween decorations too scary?

Mark recently moved in to an older neighborhood in Smyrna, and recently put up his Halloween decorations. A short time afrter his decorations were up, Mark recieved the following letter: Mr. Owens, Welcome to Smyrna, we are excited to have you and your family in our beautiful neighborhood. We...
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fall leaves

Free Fall Decorations in Your Own Backyard

No need to spend tons of money this Holiday season for beautiful decorations! Take a look in your own backyard!
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My Kind of Crazy: Competitive Christmas

Kimberly is super competitive about her holiday decor.
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New Relationship, New Tree

One listener doesn't want to use her boyfriend's old christmas tree and ornaments...because they're all from his first marriage.
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Love & Disorder: He Decorated My House, Sort Of.

Kate told us her boyfriend surprised her by decorating her house with Christmas decorations while she was out of town. How sweet, right? Then she told us one detail her boyfriend left out... Love & Disorder: He Decorated My House Sort Of Part 1 We talked to the guys next to get a mans...
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