Ghosthunting: Nix and Jackie

This debate BLEW UP. They exchanged numbers at a bar, but she never answered his texts!
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Ghosthunting: Katrina and Eve

Eve ghosted on her new job after ONE day, and her "reasoning" is giving Millennials a bad rep.
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The Confess Your Crush Debate: Was Ronnie Shallow?

Ronnie totally changed his tune once he saw a pic of her...shallow much?
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Confess Your Crush: Amelia and Ronnie

Amelia's confessing to a complete stranger! She overheard him giving the Kroger cashier his number, wrote it down, then called us.
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The Joke-Roast Debate

Monday's show is gonna be full of Bulldogs fans hating on Alabama, but should Alabama get to have their say too?
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The Smoke Break Debate

Liz was FURIOUS with us after we shared a story on vacation days for non-smokers, and her call sparked a debate for the ages.
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The Makeup Debate

Jenn's 4-year-old has a dance recital, should she wear make up?
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Can You Name The Candidates for Vice President?

Director JP found out pretty quick that not everyone knows the names of the candidates for Vice-President. Do you? Can You Name the Candidates for Vice President? Tune in tonight to watch these two go head to head in the Vice-Presidential debate.
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To Pee or Not to Pee

Jenn needs our opinion to help settle a debate between her and her husband. They were arguing because she thinks it's okay to pee in the shower, but her husband, Grant, thought it was disgusting! So, we all gave our input and our listeners called in with what they thought was appropriate. I think...
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Hot Dog

Fierce Debate: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

Merriam-Webster has caused some major controversy by announcing that a hot dog is, by definition, a sandwich! They define a sandwich as having two or more slices of bread or a split roll with a filling in between. That filling is the hot dog itself, but there are so many people who disagree. And...
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