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Everyday Heroes: Sharing Positive-Tea

Kung Fu Tea is helping their neighbors, and they could use your help doing it too!
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Atlanta Falcons Military Appreciation Day

PHOTOS: Atlanta Falcons Military Appreciation Day!

What an amazing Sunday morning down in the Home Depot Backyard and inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium! The Atlanta Falcons, and us fans, were super excited to honor those that have served for Military Appreciation Day. It was a great way to get back into the football season. And thank YOU, if you or...
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Markle Stole Her Sparkle

She called to yell at us about how much we care about the Royal wedding, but in the end we all kinda felt for her story. Her own mom knows more about the Royal wedding than her daughter's! Markle Stole Her Sparkle
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Jenn's Got Jokes: Mother's Day Edition

You'll LOVE sharing these with Mom! (Especially since you probably forgot to get a better gift...)
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The Girlfriend That hates Mother's Day

Vanessa is PISSED that her boyfriend gave his baby-mama a gift. Does she have a point?
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Jenn's Got Jokes: Valentine's Day

Jeff's not the only funny one on the show! Jenn's back with more jokes, and she's hilarious.
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Dan's Valentine's Dilemma

Is it cool to repeat romantic gift ideas from the first wife to his new wife?
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Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Reese!

We're feeling #Blessed to celebrate Reese's 2nd birthday today, and find out how you can celebrate with us too with our #BLESSED t-shirts!
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Summertime Resolutions

We've given each other summer resolutions to do every day, and from funny to heartfelt it might inspire you to do do the same.
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