Millennials Ahead

David About Town: Millennials

Millennials have been getting a pretty bad rap lately. So, Producer David went to an event downtown and read millennials a quote and let them defend themselves. Some millennials defended their generation very passionately, while others actually agreed with what was being said! David About Town:...
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Producer David Thumbs Down

Producer David's Open Letter

Jeff gave the Jeff & Jenn show team an opportunity to write open letters to someone who really, really (we mean REALLY) bugs them. It drives Producer David CRAZY when he sees people on Facebook who like their own posts. And it happens constantly! So, here is his letter to those people in its...
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Producer David Pageants

Producer David's Super Bowl is This Weekend: Miss USA!

If you've been listening, you know that Producer David LOVES beauty pageants. Not the Toddlers and Tiaras pageants, but actual beauty pageants. So this weekend is one of the biggest pageants of the year, Miss USA. And Producer David gives you the 411 on what to do to host your own viewing party,...
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Veteran Saluting Flag for Memorial Day

David About Town: Memorial Day

David About Town is usually light and funny, but Producer David wanted to make this a different and special edition of David About Town. When you think of Memorial Day, you typically think of the kickoff of summer, grilling out, going to the pool or the lake, and having a day off of work. Producer...
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Producer David and Rita

Producer David Judges a Nursing Home Beauty Pageant!

If you know anything about Producer David, it's that he loves pageants. So when he was asked to judge the Ms. A.G. Rhodes nursing home pageant, how could he say no? There were 7 contestants ranging from 74 to 100 years old, and the winner was 100-year-old Rita Haley, who has been to Cuba and...
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David About Town: Graduation

The time has arrived where high school students are gearing up for their graduations. For some, it is already here. For others, it will happen in the next few weeks. With these kids getting ready for their next big step, Producer David went out to find the perfect advice for what these students...
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David Youmans

Producer David is Turning 27!

Today is Producer David's birthday, he is now 27 years old. And to honor him forging into his late twenties, Jeff and Jenn had a special song made for him that describes him to a T. Enjoy and Happy Birthday Producer David! Producer David's Birthday Song...
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Beyoncé – Formations World Tour

It may be too late to get tickets with the Jeff and Jenn Show, but you can buy your own here ! Look out for Producer David if you come to the show, he's working on a new David About Town. Maybe you can be on the show with him!
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Braves At Bat

Jeff and Jenn Show's Own At Bat Songs

Today is the very last Opening Day at Turner Field for the Atlanta Braves before they move into their new stadium. To give our own little tribute to the Braves at the Ted, we each chose our own At Bat Song(s). The at bat songs are those songs that play when the baseball player is walking up to the...
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