Dave Matthews Band

Inside Sea.Hear.Now: See What Made the Festival a Hit

On Saturday and Sunday, the Sea.Hear.Now music festival kicked off in Asbury Park, New Jersey - but there was more to be seen than just the live performances. Attended by RADIO.COM's ALT 92.3 , the music festival featured headliners The Lumineers and Dave Matthews Band, with performances from other...
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1THING: Dave Matthews, Grace VanderWaal, Blink-182 on How They’re Saving the Environment

We’re rounding up some of our favorite artists to share how they’re saving the environment. While the Dave Matthews Band is presenting some extra stiff competition with their amazing humble brag of becoming UN Goodwill Ambassadors, everyone is contributing with their 1Thing to save the environment...
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Jeff and Jenn Mouth Guard Password

Mouth Guard Password

We had so much fun the first time we did this that we had to do it again! The game has an official name now, Mouth Guard Password. Jeff and Jenn have to say famous movie quotes with mouth guards from the dentist at Astoria Dentistry, and our contestants have to guess what they are saying! The video...
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