It's the Valentine's Day edition!
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Ghost Hunting: Tessa and Colt

He ghosted her after she brought a third guest to their date!
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Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting: Stacy Wants to Help Her Friend

UPDATE: Jeff and Jenn got Todd on the phone, and Todd was hesitant to criticize at first. But once he got going, he had quite a bit to say! It seems like it all boiled down to Alicia’s very intense form of dating, complete with a business-like interview feeling. She had questions ranging from...
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Millennial Date

Millennial Dating: Do They Really Want to Commit?

Producer David & Producer Kelly talk millenial dating with Jeff & Jenn. Is this the generation that wants to Netflix & Chill with no titles, attachments, or any lovey dovey nonsense? Are they just afraid of commitment? This blogger thinks so, and here is the article in which she states...
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Destiny or Creepy

Sweet or Creepy: Jeff and Jenn Decide!

After the debate on whether or not Travis chasing after Cassandra was sweet or creepy, Jeff and Jenn wanted to have listeners call in with their own stories! They told us a story about their own dates and it really could go either way. So after the story, Jeff and Jenn decided on whether they...
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