Where is This Relationship Going: with Katie and Robert

They've been on 6 dates in 6 weeks, and she needs to know how serious this is.
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A Ghosthunting Request from Rebecca: Is Austin for Real?

Rebecca and Austin met over Spring Break and hit it off! But now they're back in separate states, what happens now?
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Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting: Shawn Hunting for Mandy

They were going out for a month, but now she's getting really vague.
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Too much, dude

He Tried WAY Too Hard

Like getting flowers, chocolates, and perfume all on the first date? C'mon man.
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Ghost Hunting: Tessa & Max

Meet Tessa. She went on a couple dates with a guy, Max, and not only did he ghost her but he's been talking crap about her too. Ghost Hunting Tessa and Max Part 1 So why is Max bashing Tessa? He was eager to talk with us and straighten some things out. Ghost Hunting Tessa and Max Part 2 Tessa left...
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Whoops, I Fell Asleep While...

Jeff told us about a friend who fell asleep while he was on a date. Talk about an awkward time to fall asleep but apparently he's not alone. Whoops, I fell asleep while... Part 1 We had even more listeners call in & we even got a call from Courtney, the girl Jeff's friend fell asleep on. Double...
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Kelly Cheese & the Great Wedding Date Debate

When Jeff & Jenn found out Kelly Cheese had never brought a real date to a wedding, they had to get the scoop on the guy she brought to Jeff's big day. Kelly Cheese & The Great Wedding Date Debate
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Can You Pay Me Back For Our Date?

Producer Kelly Cheese went out on a date and now the guy is asking her to pay him back. Can You Pay Me Back For Our Date
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Producer Kelly Goes to the Hangout Festival

Brag about Your "Sponsorship"

Kelly Cheese let Jeff in on how she gets guys to "sponsor" her bar tab, meaning she gets drinks all night for free! Jeff was amazed at how she could actually get guys to buy her drinks without getting anything in return. Sponsored by a Guy So naturally, Jeff opened up the phone lines for ladies to...
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Bad Date

He Tried So Hard...But He FAILED

You can tell your date wanted to pull off something great, but darn if it didn’t just backfire so completely that you had to call in and tell the story. In fact, a lot of these sound more like the beginning of a horror flick than a date! Moral of the story? If you want to take someone hiking, tell...
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