date night

Ghost Hunting: Alyssa and Neal

Alyssa thought she was a catch but Neal did not want to see her again.
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Confess Your Crush Update: Matt & Wendy

Last week we met Matt who told us he had a BIG crush on Wendy. He kept her number for OVER A YEAR without calling! What the heck?! So he confessed his crush & Wendy agreed to meet up with him. How did their date go on Saturday? ...........Not like we expected. Yikes. Confess Your Crush Update:...
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Jeannine's "Modern Family" Inspired Date Night

After watching an episode of "Modern Family," Jeannine wanted to spice up her usual date night. Jeannine's Modern Family Inspired Date Night
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Jenn and Grant

Jumpers: The Struggle is Real

Jenn has started wearing jumpers because jumpers are cute! She was excited about her date night and wanted to look great for her husband, so she got her jumper on and had a little wardrobe malfunction when trying to go to the bathroom. She had to get completely undressed!
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