Ghost Hunting: Nicole and Daniel

Nicole is looking for Daniel because she deserves another date!
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Ghost Hunting: Daniel and Cindy

Daniel's been seeing Cindy for a while and things were great! He went to her place for a date and left feeling odd. Cindy hasn't returned any of his texts and he's really confused about what he did.... it might have to do with what he brought to the date. Ghosthunting: Daniel and Cindy
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Love Triangle

Justin Wants to Check in on His Brother's Relationship

Justin is worried about his brother, Daniel, because he's been in a relationship for Megan for 5 years, and they still aren't married. Daniel proposed several years ago, but Megan turned him down. They're still together, but Justin is wondering where she thinks their relationship is going. He's...
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Cheating Couple

Where is This Relationship Going: Chloe Wants to Know Daniel's Intentions

Chloe adores her sister and her sister's boyfriend, but she is worried that he may be wasting her sister time. They’ve been together for five years, and her sister seems to be head over heels for Daniel. But, Chloe wants to know what the hold up on marriage is. Where is This Relationship Going:...
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