Comfort In Numbers

Lindley is in her 20's and LOVES her cats but she hears all of the jokes about being a "crazy cat lady!"
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American Midol

What did you do under the influence of hormones?
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Ghosthunting: Courtney and Tyler

She pulled the craziest move we've EVER heard of on the show, and he vanished completely.
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Dump Them, Date Me

We knew this could get a little awkward, but a surprise caller made things WAY crazier.
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What Happened That You Never Bring Up?

Mom married her ex's brother? Estranged relatives? What happened in your family that never, ever, gets brought up at reunions?
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Dumpster Fire: Moving My Roommate

You've heard of "Don't Poke the Bear." But what if the bear refuses to move, and you move it all yourself while they're gone?
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The Dramatic Saga of Katie and Mia

Yesterday's Where is this Relationship Going excitement continues when Mia calls to defend herself
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Where is This Relationship Going: with Katie and Robert

They've been on 6 dates in 6 weeks, and she needs to know how serious this is.
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Ghost Hunting

Ghosthunting with Jesse and Monica

This Ghosthunt got a bit crazy, did Monica fake her sister going into labor?...and did she actually have a good reason to if she did?
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Selling to Your Friend

When Your Friend Tries to Sell You Something

Kelly’s job representing Rodan and Fields products are tearing this friendship apart! Emily has been trying to handle her friend Kelly’s non-stop attempts to market the company’s products, but Kelly does not seem to get the hint whatsoever and Emily is just about fed up with the friendship. Kelly...
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