Confess Your Crush: Brian and Lillian

They were coworkers, but now he wants to take it to the next level.
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Confess Your Crush: Laura and Connor

Laura's ready to confess her crush, but gets a rude awakening!
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Ghost Hunting: Hilary and Lily

Lily ghosted her former coworker Hilary because of who she is as a person!
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Confess Your Crush: Christopher and Danielle

Christopher is crushing on Danielle, but they've never talked before!
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Office Lingo Bingo

Download these cards for your next meeting for you and your coworkers, and you'll never have trouble listening again! Download the PDF Here
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Confess Your Crush: Laura and Brandon

This guy sounds amazing! But will he remember his former coworker Laura?
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Confess Your Crush: with Terese and Nelson

Will these two former coworkers reconnect as happily as we hope?
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The Office Cheapskate

A caller needs advice on how to handle a coworker that never pitches in.
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Bad Co-worker

The WORST Coworker EVER!

Jenn told us a story about bringing her kids to the pool this weekend (someone pooped in the pool, YUCK!) which inspired Jeff to tell us a story about the 'most horrible' co-worker his friend worked with when he was a lifeguard. Jeff's friend said this guy, who we'll call "Brad," would...
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Coworkers on Phone

Ghost Hunting: Scott and Amy

UPDATE: Jeff & Jenn found Scott's former co-worker, Amy, and her reaction was...well...not quite what we, or Scott, expected. Errmmm, this is awkward. Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Amy UPDATE 2: Scott heard everything Amy said, and he was pretty disappointed that she had no idea who he...
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