Bridesmaid's Bleep Line

Don't complain to the bride, complain to us instead!
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The Bridesmaid's B***h Line

Weddings may SEEM perfect, but there's plenty to complain about. So vent with us!
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Bridesmaids Bleep Line

"What is the theme for your wedding, humiliation?"
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The Bridesmaid's Bleep Line is Back

You know you can't actually tell the bride and groom that everything they're doing is driving you mad, but you can tell us!
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Angry Caller

She Hates the Show and Wants to Talk to Our Boss!

Bethany called in and complained about, well, everything we do on our show. Including our Gratituty Fresh & Fruity bit where people call in and tell us all good things happening in their lives. But hey, you can't please everybody right?! Especially Bethany. Complaint from Bethany We couldn't...
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