Kelly's New Side Hustle

How did Kelly Cheese's closet help her make over $500 in just one day?
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Temper Tantrum

Jeff Throws a Temper Tantrum

Jeff isn’t feeling his wardrobe, his excuse is he works in radio and no one seeing him. Jeff starts his day at 3 AM in the morning, which contributes to his style. He feels that t-shirts and jeans are just easier because he’s not trying to impress anyone. He decided to go to the mall with his...
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To Wear or Not to Wear

Ladies, it's time to come out of the closet. Your closet. It's a mess, let's be honest. A recent survey showed on average how many things you ladies have in your closet, how much of it you (probably) hate, what still has tags on it, why you have 10 of the same style shirts, and how many of you with...
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