Ask Alexa: Should My Kids Start a YouTube Channel?

This Alexa has some attitude!
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Daily Inspo: Messages for Dad

Jenn and Mark recorded their girls talking about their dads!
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Tell Me If I'm Crazy: I Hide from My Kids

She hides from her kids and needs to know if it's normal!
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My Parents Kept _____ From Me!

Apparently it's common for parents to keep secrets from their kids!
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It's Almost Summer, Remember That Your Car Will Get HOT.

Remember to always check the back seat for children or pets in this hot weather.
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Can You Change Your Mind About Having Children?

Jennifer is stuck in a dilemma and needs some advice.
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Kids Only Flights Should Totally Be A Thing!

Jenn has some GREAT ideas on why this would totally work!
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When the Babysitter Snaps

Sometimes the kids are just THAT bad!
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School bus

MUST SEE: This is infuriating! Car drives on sidewalk almost hitting kids as bus unloads!

We see things every day on Facebook, Twitter (especially Twitter, and IG that makes us happy... sad... and yes, angry. It's the happy things we see on social media that keep most of us coming back. In fact, many of us scroll right past or block altogether the things that make us angry. But we're...
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Baby Shark

There's No Stopping "Baby Shark", as the Song Swims Into the Billboard Chart

It's already a hit, and it will live in your ears for eternity
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