Is Following Your Ex on Social Media Cheating?

Jenn sure thinks so.
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Is This Kid Cheating Or Is He Being Resourceful?

Jeff saw a kid being tutored and then watched him steal his tutors cheat sheet but our listener Michelle says he's being resourceful. Our callers were not having it. Is this kid cheating or being resourceful
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Lost It For Love

Admit it. You've snapped and lost it for love before haven't you? Don't be shy about it, this is a judgement free zone & we want all the details. Lost It For Love 1.mp3 Our caller Kevin was the favorite of the day. Lost it For Love 2
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Haunted House

Revenge on Your Ex: It's a Haunted House!

What epic ways have you gotten revenge on your ex? This listener story blew us away! Taylor couldn’t wait to tell us her brother’s ingenious story of revenge. Taylor’s brother recently moved out of the house he shared with his now ex-girlfriend. But while he was still living there, he managed to...
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Name Tag

Rebound Rachels and Mean Megans: What Name is on Your Blacklist?

Jenn and Producer Kelly gave Jeff the low down on the names that make them cringe. Producer Kelly said she HATES the name Rachel because two of her ex's both cheated with Rachels. Names You Hate Listeners called in and gave us the names that are forever tainted in their brain, too! Callers Give...
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Holding Hands

Tabitha's Boyfriend and Best Friend Hung Out Without Her!

Jeff and Jenn Show listener Tabitha called in because she is worried. She went out of town this past weekend, and she says her boyfriend and her best friend hung out while she's out of town. Her gut was telling her this isn't the best idea because her boyfriend has been flirty with her best friend...
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