Cheap Wine Vs. Expensive Wine: Can Jenn Tell The Difference?

Jenn SWEARS she can tell the difference between a cheap wine and an expensive wine, so we called up Canoe's sommelier, Jared, to help us judge if Jenn can tell the difference! Cheap Wine Vs Expensive Wine: Can Jenn Tell The Difference?
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Bad Gift

Worthless Gifts...Um Thanks for Nothing

Ever been given a worthless gift? Like the time Donald Trump gave Charlie Sheen an early wedding gift he called his, "platinum diamond Harry Winston cufflinks." Years later while getting his jewelry appraised, Sheen found out the cufflinks were a total fake! In fact, the appraiser said they were "...
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Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons' New Fan-First Menu is Coming!

During a press conference about the new Atlanta Falcons stadium, the team’s owner Arthur Blank along with president Rich McKay announced some great new features for the stadium’s concessions: Alison Blue Food and drink at a low, low cost: Soda, water, pretzels, or hot dogs all for just $2 each. For...
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