What Happened, Glenn?

Did we upset CountryMustardPotato Glenn?
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Helping Neighbors With Purposity

Purposity is changing lives, and you can be a part of it. Helping your neighbor, and your entire community, with just a few clicks.
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Kelly Cheese Can't Sound Nice

It's like Resting B!#*h Face...but for your voice. Can anyone help her come off nicer?
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You Throw Away MONEY?!

Kelly Cheese told Jeff & Jenn she tosses out pennies all the time and they were both completely thrown off. You Thow Away MONEY 1 It only took a few minutes for our phone lines to light up after hearing this. You Throw Away MONEY 2 Jeff & Jenn couldn't stop thinking about Kelly throwing...
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Gay Best Friend

Should You Change in Front of Your GBF?

Kim called Jeff & Jenn to ask for advice about her new gay friend, Eric, she met in a cooking class. Kim said they hit it off right away and he even dolled her up for a date with her husband. Her hubby was oooohing and ahhhing over how stunning she looked, until Kim told him her new gay besty,...
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