Kelly's Chick-Fil-A Sauce Challenge

Kelly Cheese swears she knows her Chick-Fil-A, but there's a lot on the line if she's wrong!
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Can you call and make it through the whole alphabet? Hear Jeff try the challenge!
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Morgan Freeman's Pants

We here on the Jeff & Jenn Show don't take challenges lightly.
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Our Social Media Challenge for Jenn

Jenn doesn't think people want to see what she does day-to-day... but have you seen how freaking adorable her family is? So, Jeff had a special social media challege for Jenn. Check out or Instagram right here & watch for Jenn's InstaTakeover happening TOMORROW!
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Jenn's Holiday Newsletter

Jenn got a holiday newsletter this week and it's from the stars of a viral video. Hm, wonder which viral video this could be? Jenns Holiday Newsletter
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Gold Medal

I Can Win the Gold!

We posed the question, what special event would you win the gold medal in. So, fill in the blank. Hi, my name is ______ , and I could win a gold medal in ______.​ Jenn's a gold medal Olympian in the overuse of paper towels, but Jeff would compete for that medal because he does the same thing! Gold...
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