Cat Lovers Beware

Apparently it's not the most super awesome and coolest thing ever to have a cat. Psh. Whatever.
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Java Cats Cafe - Chris House Photography

Java Cats Cafe: Atlanta's First Cat Cafe!

Congratulations to Atlanta's newest business owner, Hadyn Hilton, for giving this city a whole new way to adopt.
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Love Poems

We each wrote poems dedicated to the things we love most.
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All The Feels

All the Feels 2/10/17

From local daycares to cats to unlikely love stories, we'll have you feeling it all!
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Time To Brag About How Lazy You Are

Ahhh, the joys of being lazy. Brag About Your Lazy We're not sure if this is laziness or if some of these are genius life hacks. Either way, we're not judging. Brag About Your Lazy (2)
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All the Feels

All the Feels - September 23, 2016

There's plenty of bad news out there so we like to dig up all the good news storis that'll give you all the feels! Today’s edition of "All the Feels" includes a touching story about a high school quarterback, a cat finding its way back home, and a woman who saved a child from a burning house...
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