Callie Riggs

Jeff's Got Wedding RSVP Blues

Jeff & Callie are only five weeks away from their big day and the RSVP's have started coming in but Jeff's got some RSVP blues. Jeffs RSVP Blues
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Jeff's Honeymoon Dilemma

Jeff's been planning a secret honeymoon and he hasn't told his fiance Callie a single detail about where they're going. Jeff's Honeymoon Dilemma
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Songs You Won't Hear at Jeff's Wedding

We asked and you delivered. These are some of the songs you won't be hearing at Jeff & Callie's wedding. Songs You Wont Hear At Jeffs Wedding
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Jeff's Wedding Issues

Jeff has less than 100 days left before he & his fiance Callie tie the knot & he needs help with some last minute issues. Issue #1: Cocktail napkins. What should he & Callie do? Should they monogram them, should they put something funny on them, does it matter at all?? Jeff has a funny...
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