Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave

Jeff opened up about something very personal he's been struggling with for months. Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 1 Listeners called in to give advice and one of our listeners told a horrifying story & shook up the show. Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 2 Jeff wasn't sure if he...
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Ghost Hunting: Lindsey & Kelly

Lindsey told us about brother's ex-girlfriend Kelly who she was friends with while the two were dating. Ghost Hunting Lindsey and Kelly Part 1 Think they could rekindle the friendship? We talked to Kelly to see if she's interested in linking back up with Lindsey. Ghosthunting Lindsey and Kelly Part...
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Facebook Like

Dramatic Reading of a Facebook Conversation

Jeff witnessed a very awkward conversation on his Facebook news feed. It all started when his friend, Kelly, posted a picture of her surrounded by dogs. Scott who is Kelly's friend commented on the picture, and Kelly went into full details about how creepy the dog owner is. Jamie, who is the dog...
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Scott Bachelorette

Scott Trask Reviews The Bachelorette - Rap is NOT the Guys' Strong Suit

Scott Trask, our macho engineer, recaps this week's episode about Alex FINALLY getting a one-on-one date with JoJo and then she dumps him right after. It's a possibility it could've been because of his horrible rap, but that's just our opinion. And to add insult to injury, the rest of the guys in...
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Siblings Brother Sister

Sibling Confessions

Producer Kelly Cheese has a secret she's been keeping from her family for almost FIFTEEN YEARS. Yowza, what'd she do? You'll have to listen to find out but we'll tell you this, her family has blamed her brother for what happened and she's never owned up to it...after all these years?! Sibling...
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Ghost Hunting: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Are you allowed to remain friends with your sibling's ex after they break up? That is the dilemma Lindsey is in. Her brother had an awesome girlfriend named Kelly, and Lindsey really liked her. But after they broke up, Kelly and Lindsey stopped hanging out. Update 2: We tell Lindsey how Kelly feels...
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Bad Date

Ghost Hunting: Listeners Decide if Carrie or Darren is Right

Carrie called in for Jenn's ghosthunting help because she felt ghosted by Darren after their first date. Darren said he ghosted Carrie because her adult brother lives with her, but Carrie says that's his own issue. Our listeners called in with a clear opinion on who they feel is in the wrong and...
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Coffee Date

Ghost Hunting: Carrie Reacts to Darren's Reason for Ghosting

Carrie felt like she was ghosted by Darren after their first date. She thought the date went really well, but she hasn't heard from him since their date. Jenn is our resident ghost hunter, and got Darren to explain why he ghosted. He felt it was weird that Carrie's adult brother lives with her, but...
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