Can You Guess The Breast At Rest On Your Chest?

We have Chef Kevin Gillespie in studio!
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Kelly's Mammogram

Kelly Cheese could use some support today as she heads into a bit of a worrisome doctor's visit.
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The VaJury: Showin' Off A New Set of "Twins"

He says his fiance is showing off WAY too much after breast implants, and wants to ask her to stop.
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A Re-Do Request

Can our listener, Betty, ask for a proposal re-do from her boyfriend after he proposed on the same day as her cancer diagnosis?
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Sexy Couple

Adult Breastfeeding Relationships: Is It Really a Thing?

We came across an article today that claimed a woman in Atlanta, Jennifer, quit her job to breastfeed her boyfriend, Brad...Wait, what?! This can't be true, right? Well, we did some digging and found the couple that went viral on social media this morning. Boyfriend Brad cleared the air and told us...
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New Boobs

Booby Talk: How to Address New Boobs

When your friend gets new glasses or a new haircut you talk about it, right? What about when your friend gets a boob job, do you acknowledge it? Some callers say you don't say anything and our favorite caller said, "Yea! Talk about it! Ask to touch them!" We agree. Let's talk about it! Boob Job:...
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