Positive Athlete

Positive Athlete: Local Students Doing Great Things

These local students are proving how a positive outlook can change everything.
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Facebook Fight Come to Life

We bring these fighting friends to life!
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Kelly's Secret Book

We found out something we didn't know about Kelly Cheese!
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Explain This To A Five Year Old

It's Jenn's new game! When a child finds something for 'Adults Only' and asks what it is...what are you supposed to say?
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Ron Clark's Message for Teachers

Renowned Atlanta Educator Ron Clark joins us in-studio to pass on some excellent lessons from his years of experience.
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Yearbook Quotes

What quote did you decide, at the wise age of 18, to put in your senior year book?
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The Albuquerque Mystery

How did they know where to go!? Jeff feels like he'll never know the truth
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The Three Types of Women

Author Elizabeth Gilbert says there are 3 types of women, and how you choose to live could have drastic consequences
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Our Interview with Andy Cohen

Our friend & late night talk show host Andy Cohen has a new book out called Superficial. We caught up with Andy & got all the details on his tell-all book. Our Interview with Andy Cohen
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Andi Dorfman

Jeff and Jenn Talk with Atlanta's own Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman!

Atlanta's very own Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, stopped by to talk about her new New York Times' Bestseller, It's Not Okay ! Andi talked about her past experiences from the show, including falling in love. But in the process of writing her book, she was more concerned about her dad opinion! She even...
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