bad date

Ghost Hunting: Marcus & Courtney

Marcus told us he went on 5 dates with Courtney & then she ghosted him. Like, deleted him off social media & everything. Ghost Hunting Marcus Hunting Courtney Part 1 We talked to Courtney to hear her side of the story. Ghost Hunting Marcus Hunting Courtney Part 2 Sounds like a terrible time...
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Can You Pay Me Back For Our Date?

Producer Kelly Cheese went out on a date and now the guy is asking her to pay him back. Can You Pay Me Back For Our Date
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Bad Date

He Tried So Hard...But He FAILED

You can tell your date wanted to pull off something great, but darn if it didn’t just backfire so completely that you had to call in and tell the story. In fact, a lot of these sound more like the beginning of a horror flick than a date! Moral of the story? If you want to take someone hiking, tell...
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Bad First Impression

Worst First Impressions: Did You See Him Again?

The Bachelorette's first episode was last night, and it was the guys' chance to make a good first impression on JoJo. So, we decided to take some calls on our listeners' worst first impressions stories. Then, Jeff and Jenn had to guess how long they were with the person who made a horrible first...
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