Forgive or Forget: The Worst First Date

When you both know it's bad, it's REALLY bad...
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TERRIBLE Roommates!

Everyone has had at least one bad roommate!
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My Husband Cried on our Wedding Night

Is this a good cry or a bad cry...?
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Ghosthunting: Erica and Corey

Erica and Corey were on their 4th date when Erica had to do her parents a favor. Is it crazy that Corey ghosted her OR the fact that Erica fed her parents cats while on a date? Let us know on the Jeff & Jenn Show Facebook page! Ghosthunting: Erica and Corey
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We See You Trollin'

They fought at the wedding, but somehow made it through. And these are no small fights!
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Worst Pickup Lines...EVER.

We've all heard bad pickup lines but what are the worst of the worst? Worst Pickup Lines Part 1 Oh no... These just keep getting worse. Worst Pickup Lines Part 2
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Bad Date

He Tried So Hard...But He FAILED

You can tell your date wanted to pull off something great, but darn if it didn’t just backfire so completely that you had to call in and tell the story. In fact, a lot of these sound more like the beginning of a horror flick than a date! Moral of the story? If you want to take someone hiking, tell...
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Bad First Impression

Worst First Impressions

Jenn was in a restaurant and witnessed the WORST first impression! A guy was in a business meeting trying to impress a couple, and he stands up to shake everyone’s hands. But, his suit jacket brushes up against a glass of water and it goes EVERYWHERE. Everyone grabs their technology and he tries to...
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Bad Co-worker

The WORST Coworker EVER!

Jenn told us a story about bringing her kids to the pool this weekend (someone pooped in the pool, YUCK!) which inspired Jeff to tell us a story about the 'most horrible' co-worker his friend worked with when he was a lifeguard. Jeff's friend said this guy, who we'll call "Brad," would...
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Are Millennials Really that Bad? Our Listeners Weigh In!

Alexis Bloomer is a millennial and she just posted a video on Facebook that went viral. She is apologizing to the elders on behalf of her generation for being lazy and entitled. This has sparked some controversy, and our listeners had no shortage of opinions in this debate.
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