The Bachelorette

Bad First Impression

Worst First Impressions: Did You See Him Again?

The Bachelorette's first episode was last night, and it was the guys' chance to make a good first impression on JoJo. So, we decided to take some calls on our listeners' worst first impressions stories. Then, Jeff and Jenn had to guess how long they were with the person who made a horrible first...
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Bachelorette Rose

Jeff and Jenn Bachelorette Reviewer: Our Macho Engineer, Scott Trask!

The Bachelorette season premiered last night at 9:00! And true to his word, our engineer Scott Trask not only watched the first episode, but he took notes every single guy and already has his early favorites! Do your favorite guys match up with who Scott thinks is going to win? Scott Trask's...
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