Wait... You Caught Your Babysitter Doing What?!

We thought Jenn's story about her babysitter was pretty bad but then we got a message from one of our listeners that changed everything. Wait, you caught your babysitter doing what?
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Reese Day 1

Reese Beating Cancer - Day 1

Just a quick update on Reese, last night was officially Day 1 on her journey to beat cancer. The doctors started her on chemo to shrink the tumor, which is a good sign that they were confident enough to start chemo before getting the results back from her biopsy. She has now taken the first steps...
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Women in the Office

Cutthroat Women at Work: Mary's Drama with Her Mentor

UPDATE: Remember Mary from last week? She wanted a new job but in order to get it she'd have to throw a co-worker on the bus? We checked in with her this morning & Mary told us she didn't throw her co-worker under the bus & someone else in the office got the job. Bummer. But Jenn gave Mary...
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Baby at Music Festival

Jenn's Open Letter to Parents who Take their Kids to Music Festivals

People who bring babies to music festivals, Hey there mom and dad! News Flash, you are now parents. That means your love for Widespread Panic, Music Midtown, and all things jam bands has to take a backseat to your child. I know your passion for live music far exceeds your abilities to see things...
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Jenn and Her Kids

#ParentingForReal - July 5, 2016

Jenn was frustrated with the glamorous parenting pictures because it’s the complete opposite of what parenting is. So, she decided to launch her own social media campaign, #ParentingForReal. She talks about all of the real life difficulties that come with parenting and shares them to show other...
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Family and Dog

She was Named after The Dog!

Jenn has a friend who just had a daughter, and she wanted to name her daughter after her dog! Her husband wouldn't let her give their daughter that name for her first name, but they did give her the middle name of Henley, the same as their dog. Our listener Erin called in saying her mother would...
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Pregnancy Test

Ghost Hunting: Does My Husband Have a Baby?

UPDATE: We were able to connect with Brittany! She did not have a baby, she left Georgia because her dad lost his job. However, she did sound very excited when Chris name was brought up.​ And when Jeff asked if she wanted to reconnect with Chris, she was all for it! But Jenn shut it down pretty...
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Delivery Room

Step Dad in the Delivery Room? We Have an Update!

We caught up with Matt who, over the weekend, was going to tell his wife's parents he doesn't want them in the delivery room during childbirth. He sat them down and explained why he thinks it should be just him and his wife in the delivery room, which we totally agree with. How did her parents take...
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Delivery Room

Step Dad in the Delivery Room?

Matt called with a question that sent our listeners into a tail spin this morning! Matt's wife is pregnant and recently told him she wants her step-father in the delivery room with them when the baby comes. Matt isn't sure how he feels about it and we had no idea what he should do, so we turned to...
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Jeff and Jenn with Braves Gender Reveal Couple Jake and Abbey

Braves Gender Reveal

UPDATE: The Braves Gender Reveal was amazing, it went off without a hitch! Thank you so much to the Atlanta Braves for all of their help and to Carter's for their generous gift basket to Abbey and Jake! If you want to see the full gender reveal, click here ! Braves Gender Reveal Update A couple...
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