The Great Debate: Are Hot Dogs Tacos?

Jeannine and Mark are very heated about this one.
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We See You Trollin!

Sometimes they are dumb and sometimes they are just plain funny!
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What The Florida

Jenn loves her homestate of Florida, if not for the sunshine then definitely for the "creative" criminals that seem to keep popping up.
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Jeff and Callie's First Wedding Fight

Jeff and his fiancée Callie thought their cool and collected approach to wedding planning would get them to the big day without any arguing. They’ve been doing surprisingly well too…until this weekend. With the wedding date hanging just over the horizon, it’s no surprise that something very tiny...
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Hot Dog

Fierce Debate: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

Merriam-Webster has caused some major controversy by announcing that a hot dog is, by definition, a sandwich! They define a sandwich as having two or more slices of bread or a split roll with a filling in between. That filling is the hot dog itself, but there are so many people who disagree. And...
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