Forgive or Forget: Once a Player Always a Player?

You need forgiveness, we're here to help!
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The VaJury: Kiss and Tell

Does he tell his wife that her BFF drunkenly kissed him?
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A Ghosthunting Request: With Jordan and Brandie

So Jordan already ghosted her in the past, but now he wants to get back in touch. Is he apologizing?
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Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting: Shannon Bullied Kimberly and Wants to Apologize

Update! We found Kimberly & no surprise here, she has ZERO interest in speaking with former bully Shannon. Like, zero. Kimberly said Shannon is "an awful human being" and a "horrible bully that has affected her life since she was 11." Yowza. But we don't blame her, bullies suck! Girl, bye...
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