Bridesmaid B***h Line

Weddings can be a happy time, but they can also be a very stressful and frustrating time. That's why we have the Bridesmaid B***h Line. You can call and leave a voicemail to vent out your frustration over the whole experience. You can say anything you'd like, so don't hold back! The phone number...
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Dad and Kid Playing

Daddy Day Care: Listeners Share Their Crazy Stories

Jenn ranted about a dad who caught a baseball barehanded while holding his kid, and Jeff shared a story about what his friend did with his kid that was pretty crazy. So, our listeners called in with their own stories!
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Dad and Baby

Daddy Day Care: He Did What?!

The story got started when a dad at a Braves game caught a ball barehanded while holding his baby. That made Jenn so mad that she recorded her own rant! She couldn't believe that he would put the child's life in danger for a baseball. Jeff told his own story about what his friend did with his kid,...
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