Listen to Star 94.1 on your Amazon Echo or Dot, or Google Home and more!

We're all using smart speakers now, and if you have an Amazon Echo or Dot in your home or office, getting Star 94.1 has never been easier! No skill required, like some other stations. Literally... no skill. Just simply say, "Alexa, play Star Ninety Four One." And it happens. That simple! Welcome to...
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Purposity: Our Biggest Goal Yet

THANK YOU To everyone who just helped us achieve a huge goal, and helped us give Christmas to so many families!
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Purposity: Help For the Holidays

Want to help out a family this holiday season? Sign on to our Purposity team and it's as easy as a text!
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Lord of the Rings

Amazon is Making a Lord of the Rings TV Show

The rumors are true. 'Lord of the Rings' is being made into an Amazon-produced TV show after the big Bezos confirmed a deal had been reached to bring the franchise to the small screen.
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Amazon Customers Can Now Return Items To Kohl's & Whole Foods

Amazon isn't playing around! You can now return Amazon purchased items to Kohl's or Whole Foods. You can also use Whole Foods as a pick-up spot for Amazon. Wow, this is a game changer. This is great for Amazon customers, but it's not so great for their competitors. Yet, I don't think Amazon cares...
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