Tell Me If I'm Crazy...

Our digital director Amanda believes that there's always tiny cameras watching her. Anyone else agree?
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UPDATE: Ghost Hunting: Amanda and a Stranger?

One of our own needs our help!
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Amanda is Convinced She Has a Soul Copy

Producer Amanda is 100% positive there's an alternate version of herself out there in the world.
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UPDATE: Rhyme Time Rematch

Producers Rachel and Amanda are fighting to finally beat Jeannine!
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UPDATE: Apples in the Armpit: the New Dating Trend?

Producer Amanda is stepping up to see if this actually works!
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Producer Amanda Finally Has a Name!

*drum roll please* She officially has a radio name!
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Get To Know Jeff and Jenn!

UPDATE: We played an other round and learned a liiiitttle more about Jeff and Jenn! UPDATE: Get To Know Jeff and Jenn! We're searching for a new radio name for producer Amanda. So we decided to play a game that helps us get to know each other a little better!
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Is Secret Lunch with the Ex a Dealbreaker?

Amanda just found out her boyfriend (and father of her child) has been having secret lunch dates with an ex. Help!
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I Should Have Listened to the Signs: Amanda Calls In

Jenn talked about how her friend said there were several signs that she shouldn't get married, and our listeners called in with their own stories. One listener, Amanda, talked about seeing signs right now with her current boyfriend. She is still in the relationship and it's not too late for her to...
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Amanda Caught Her CEO Stealing!

Amanda thought the CEO of her company was stealing from people's desks at work. She busted her by setting up a hidden camera in a clock radio and then gave the footage to the HR. But, the CEO totally denied it.
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