Group Therapy: The Truth About Allergies

Lori has a child with severe pet allergies. Lori's inlaws have pets. Starting to see the issue here? Not only can Lori not take her daughter to see her inlaws, but she thinks that they don't believe her about the allergies! What should she do? Lori turns to Jenn & Friends for advice...
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Ear Candling... we tried it in studio! How'd it go? Find out here!

We sat down with Aaliya from Warrior Body Spa to get the run down on WHAT ear candling even is! Check out their website HERE!
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Would You Give Up Your Pet For Your Loved One?

Angela and Carter have been dating for a minute and she wants to know where their relationship is heading. WITRG Angela and Carter Carter lets us know what needs to happen if they want to take the next step. WITRG Angela and Carter 2 Angela's kind of in shock at Carter's reason. WITRG Angela and...
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