ParentingForReal: First Moments

Parents describe that critical first moment where they realized just how messy raising a kid can be.
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Can Jenn make it Through Without Laughing?

Jeff found a story about a man who had to go #2 on the plane & lets just say this... it was a real crappy situation. Jeff wanted to see if Jenn could read the story out loud with out laughing, think she made it through? Can Jenn Make It Through Without Laughing?
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Jenn and Family

Jenn is STRESSED about Flying with Her Kids

UPDATE: Jenn went on the flight with her daughters and it wasn't so bad! Jenn Flight Update Jenn is so nervous because she is going to have to travel on a plane with her young kids. The last time she did this, her daughter Lauren didn’t stop screaming the entire flight. Now she has two young...
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