Is This The New Dating Scene?

Jenn's friend went on a date, and the guy practically flashed a certain item of protection that he brought with him. Is that cool?
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The VaJury: The Age Debate

The daughter's boyfriend is almost twice her age. Should dad be worried?
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A Trick-or-Treating Age Limit?

Should this be a thing? Jeff thinks so, but our caller Jill definitely disagrees...
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Confess Your Crush: Jeremy and Cassie

This kid's got confidence! And whether or not it works for him, it's hilarious for us.
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Sadly, We Had A Death in the Family

Callie's Grandmother passed away recently, and although heartbreaking, her last words brought comfort to many and maybe even a few laughs too.
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Jenn and Her Mom

Jenn is Becoming Her Mom!

It's the thing you never think will happen to you, the day you turn into your mom or dad. Jenn was on vacation with her hubby & the girls when she had the realization she's turning into her mom, Nancie. Her mom loves picking blackberries (even deemed herself the best blackberry picker of all...
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