Ask Alexa: Masks, Wines, and iPhones

Our Alexa's back with more advice! But it sounds like quarantine's got her feeling sassier than ever.
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Group Therapy: The Longest Road Trip

He wants to throw the family in an RV and travel for a whole year! But she thinks he's out of his mind.
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Group Therapy: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Our listener needs your help! Is there hope for this on-again off-again relationship? Or does she need some tough love?
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dating online

Group Therapy: Dating By Proxy UPDATE

Last week, Curtis took over Producer Beau's dating profiles. Turns out, neither of them have game. Can you help them out with some advice?
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Group Therapy: Manners Are Free

Are you allowed to discipline other people's kids? Or does Mark owe his neighbors an apology?
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Group Therapy: COVID Confusion

COVID's not gone yet, y'all! Dr. Darria joined us to answer your questions and clear up some COVID misconceptions as we head into summer.
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wedding dress

Group Therapy: Wedding Dress Juju

Is borrowing a wedding dress from a failed wedding inviting bad luck to your big day?
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sam collier

Group Therapy: "Together We Can Change This Country"

As protests sweep the nation calling for change, Pastor Sam Collier of North Point Ministries joined the show to discuss how we got here, and how we can move forward.
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Group Therapy: Too Soon To Go Out?

Mark Owens is ready to go out with his wife again! He misses days out, but she's not comfortable yet. Should she try to feel more comfortable? Or should Mark back down?
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Group Therapy: Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis

Curtis is trying to kick cigarettes to the curb for good. Hypnosis helped Jenn quit 10 years ago, so now we'll see if it can work for Curtis too!
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