UPDATE: Confess Your Crush: Adam and Jamie

UPDATE: Let's see how the date went! UPDATE: Confess Your Crush: Adam and Jamie Adam is confessing his crush to Jamie who he met through their children's gymnastics class!
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Confess Your Crush: Adam and Kristen

A very special edition of Confess Your Crush with Brynn Elliott!
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Where is This Relationship Going

Where is This Relationship Going: Dana and Adam

Dana's getting antsy, she's been "dating" theis guy Adam for years now and she's just wondering, could this become something more? And now we get to hear from Adam, all their friends say to go for it but what's on his mind? He says it's "complicated". Well that's one way to put it. Let's hear how...
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Unhappy Couple

Where is This Relationship Going? - Andi from the Bachelorette Helps Out!

Emily and Adam have been together for ten years. They made a deal when they both turn 30, they would have the " marriage talk". The day has passed and they are both 30, but Adam freaks out everytime Emily brings up marriage. The Bachelorette herself, Andi Dorfman was right there to help Emily out...
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