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Everything related to the storm... in one place! We've put together this content for you guys to track the storm and grab helpful information related to its impact on us.


Category 4 Hurricane Michael slams into Atlantans favorite vacation spot

We see those stickers on the backs of cars in our daily commute. "30A", they read. Most of you know exactly where that it, because you've stayed there once, or several times, a year. 30A is under attack by a massive Category 4 hurricane named Michael, and it doesn't look good. Get a look at what...
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Updated Ways YOU Can Help In Aftermath of Florence

The American Red Cross usually asks for monetary donations in the wake of disasters like Hurricane Florence. And they would gladly still take them right now . But they are asking you to help in another way right now. Most people think that blood donations are only required when there are events...
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COOL VIDEO: What kind of storm surge will our coastal friends be dealing with from Hurricane Florence?

Storm surge is one of the most deadly parts of a Hurricane. As little as two feet of water can lift and move automobiles down the street like battering rams. Enhancing the level of destruction well beyond what the water alone would have done. As well as the long-term damage that just the water can...
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Deal issues emergency declaration for all 159 Georgia counties

Based on the latest 11 a.m. forecast for Hurricane Florence and acting on a recommendation from Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) officials, Gov. Nathan Deal today issued an emergency declaration for all 159 counties in Georgia. “The state is mobilizing all...
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How can YOU help those affected by Hurricane Florence?

Your first reaction when a storm of this magnitude hits our state, neighboring state, or anywhere in the country, maybe to run out and buy a case of water to donate. Or even to rummage through your attic or garage and find some things to donate. Slow down. While the affected people may very well...
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Atlanta and North Georgia Prepare For Hurricane Florence Evacuees

As evacuees flow west, escaping the impending disaster that is sure to be wrought by Hurricane Florence, Atlanta, and the surrounding North Georgia communities are welcoming them into motels, hotels, spare rooms and campgrounds. Many motels and hotels are nearing capacity, and Georgians are taking...
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Hurricane Florence Shifts, May Impact Georgia More Now

According to WSB-TV's Meteorologist Brad Nitz, the latest track shows Hurricane Florence's forecasted landfall has "nudged slightly left," which means it could drift towards Georgia more on Sunday and Monday. So the impact that we feel here in the Atlanta area, mainly rain and some light winds,...
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