Jeff Saved a Guy's Life!

Jeff talked about something on the radio a while back that ended up saving someone's life, and here's how it could save yours.

March 30, 2016
Health App

David Youmans

Jeff talked about adding his Medical ID on his iPhone through the Health app after Callie told him to do it. He then shared with everyone exactly how to do it, and it ended up saving a listener's life. Anthony called in to share his story about listening to Jeff and following those directions, and that segment saved his life. If you want to set up the Medical ID on your iPhone but haven't done so, here is how you do it.

To create a Medical ID, access the Health app on your iPhone, and then press “Create Medical ID.” Ensure that you have “Show When Locked” turned on, so that emergency personnel can access the information even when your phone is locked. When enabled, your Medical ID can be viewed even when your iPhone is locked by tapping Emergency > Medical ID

There are places for you to include a picture of yourself, your name, DOB, any medical conditions, medical notes, allergies and reactions, medications, emergency contacts, your blood type, whether or not you are an organ donor, and your height and weight.

After entering this information, simply press on the Done button in the upper right hand corner to save it. Once you have set up your Medical ID, you can always go back and make changes at any time through your iPhone's Health app. 

People will still not be able to access your iPhone without entering your passcode, nor can they make calls using your phone. Furthermore, the information you add to your Medical ID is not included in your Health Data or shared with other apps.

However, if someone has your iPhone and taps on “Emergency” on the same screen where you normally enter your passcode, they will be able to call 911 for emergencies, or they can press “Medical ID” in the lower left corner, and it will display your medical information. Here the person can call the people you listed in case of an emergency.

Jeff Saved a Life