Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity - August 15, 2016

Big or small, we want to know what you are most grateful for today.

August 15, 2016
Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity

Justina Pierce

It's good to start your week out on a positive note so you can go into each day thinking positive things! That's why we have our Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity segment. We want to know what you're grateful for, big or small. What do you appreciate because there is no thing too small if it has a positive impact on your life.

Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity - August 15, 2016

With Jenn going through an incredibly hard time in finding out that her daughter, Reese, has cancer, we decided to extend Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity to keep hearing positive stories. We heard great stories of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and how they've helped so many children, which is such an encouragement for Reese. 

Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity Part 2 - August 15, 2016