Is It a Rebound or Is It True Love?

Jenn's friend is dating a guy who was married for 10 years but only divorced for 5 months.

May 23, 2016
Divorced and Dating

Jenn's friend is dating a guy who was married for 10 years and is recently divorced, it's only been five months ago. She’s afraid of being the rebound, but he has invited her to a friend's wedding and his parents will be there. Do you guys think Liz is the rebound or true love? The first time we talked about it, listeners calling in felt like she was the rebound and should run. But this time around, our listeners think it could really be true love. 

Jenn's Friend: Rebound or True Love

We were still taking calls because every single caller said they had been through a similar experience and it turned out to be true love. So, they think Jenn's friend should go for it because it could be true love for her as well!

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