Where is This Relationship Going?

Tracey wants Jeff and Jenn's help to find out what her boyfriend, Eric's intentions are for their relationship.

May 19, 2016
First Date

Tracey and Eric have been together for two years, Tracey thinks the world of Eric but she is unsure of his feeling. Tracey was recently divorce because of her nagging ways and she has not talked to Eric about marriage in fear of running him away. Eric is great with her two kids and things have been magical so far!

Tracey Wants to Know Where Their is Relationship Going

After Jeff and Jenn caught up with Eric, we were able to get his thoughts on where this relationship was going.

Eric Thinks Tracey is The One

Tracey was listening in while Jeff and Jenn talked to Eric, and she is really excited about what she heard.

Tracey's Reaction to What Eric Said