Ghost Hunting: Darren Talks about His First Date with Carrie

Carrie asked for Jenn's help after being ghosted by Darren after their first date. So, Jenn got him on the phone.

April 27, 2016
First Date Awkwardness

Carrie felt like she was ghosted by Darren after their first date. She thought the date went really well, and Darren even kissed her after the date. But, she hasn't heard from him since their date. Jenn is our ghost hunter, and she hunted Darren down and got his side of how the date went. He felt it was a little weird that Carrie lives with her adult brother.

Darren Talks about Date with Carrie

Carrie's Reaction to Darren's Ghosting

Who's Right: Carrie or Darren? Our Listeners Decide