Zucker-What Zucker-Who

Friday, April 13th

Can you guess if these are REALLY some of the questions congress asked Mark Zuckerburg?

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And young star forward Nikola. Technical I ever copies can get already you played his game with us that what hula of course in light of Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg facing congress this week. Yeah he was that testifying on Wednesday and Thursday. About all the data collection in the basement dies and the privacy are rounds. What you share is FaceBook and with they do with that. But the people questioning him them members of congress so many of them. Really have no idea. What appeasement is and how war. If there's too confused by all of the Internet I would say. I think they're channel what's the message what's an. DM is for them. And my heart to participate and I lodged and I know I Janine and JP you're gonna play this game with a wild bunch of entry yesterday. Tis so I did tell me if you guys agree with this. They're questions. That they'd take congressmen and congresswomen were asking. Work clearly written by members of their staff for their research teams or whatever. And given to them and some and they didn't really have a full understanding of what they were asking about. So it would. You say that's correct name basically it's then as the questions keep going there like trying to clarify it. Once they just asked them what they they don't know. A guy with a damn Latin in front of them and my right to build the computer with the blue DOT dot. So it was I saw it was beautiful yeah so. So for that reason we have created ourselves a little game. We'll play along as Geneen it reads out a statement by a congressman or congresswoman. And it is our job to determine whether this is totally made up or something she. That person actually said and if it's something actually said JB will identify. Yes congressperson and play the actual audio so if it's a real question that was asked again here this yes senator. And if it's they warn you here this. No I. Heard Saturday. Go ahead with the effort to engine. Question one quote was these smash and is it still up and running what was what they smash base mash and app. And it was it still will hug a Ender I am saying now. Woo us fees smash at the I don't have saved that was a real question asked during the hearing. Calorie I'm coming in Israel apparently as a real question. JP. Yes senator. That was the real question asked by representative Billy along quite well despite smashes just go up and running. What in this phase math based mess with the very original thing that Zuckerberg may want you looked in Harvard that compared to women's pictures. You know. I Harvard after about three days died and it's. They wanted to just O of Enron and art is phrase smash and I am Estella. Yeah it's tough university and he did they don't carry a very long and yelled yeah. Yet this is our ability on par fours facing match and just go up and running water was a play smash and as a seal of Enron and it's again. Zenyatta try to second when there. Hey Jen Elena. Yeah okay you ready to play physical was a guy who. Are our case you since you quote. Is Twitter this famous FaceBook. I hundred bring real quiet. I am and exactly yeah. Assert that Israel and smoothly cleaners are now and I and it's unanimous we are against real well and gave me a little. Yes senator. The real question asked by senator Lindsey Graham since twittered this thing is what you do. A Twitter FaceBook and sure to shining and generated another one. And I bring it. Great questions re quote this does Zuckerberg hypothetically. If so it's VCR won't stop flashing twelve. How would you suggest they fix that come find there's no way. Okay. No way can't it real. He's really there yeah. Ours did that hit big. And it. I'm certain that. So the little. Little. No I. When I. A question and that's something we've wandered about I two for two. Janet Atlanta's Steve curtail its it's keeper on the team from one Marat okay. All right questions for quote how I stop getting requests to play candy crushed. I think that's real honest again had a really I think it was set is a joke but I think that's real generally media. I'm gonna go it yep I think it's Freel. You know I'm torn but I do think it's real. Same thing to Israel. Is what I did see one of the congressman inner urge senators I give a shout out to his son's ins to Graham account and though I. That is a tongue in cheek but he did it so I think some of big guys and women that got its. Started to understand the means that are popping up about some hook up an enemy knees and yeah. I am sorry I Johnny would you say yes and now he doesn't Israel Saturday and tell AG I think it's robbing everybody has always ask that question how toys aren't getting out. So yeah. Now. And I give ten from. When there and then yeah. You know are irate. Questions I quote. Earlier with the term big booking. I may go with real question from congress. To Mark Zuckerberg I'm gonna go Israel question because I think that's something that a congressman would overhear in his office. You know my one of his right. 25 year old law student interns are not totally vague but it meant that party last night and at all on the throw that in his brain really Smart. Things now pumping sand. Glass. Typical of the no. Question. If you're bored and you I have some time to kill today at the office. Head over to Facebook and look at all the videos that they've posted of Zuckerberg just. This should have thought they can add like making the same phrase that I do and my dad calls to tell me that is iPhone won't turn nine. And I have to say things like did you charge written. Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young old now Zuma. So Google. CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to face congress this week an answer out by a bunch of questions about face privacy user agreements and whether so on your data and everybody on the black market for. Block disaster. But this is part about it was the that congress doesn't really get chased the wait for the Internet. The way it looked to me. Yeah. Here I guess it's as though somebody holds. These congressman he's congressman senators and who are you know all. Season. Right but they have in their office twenty and thirty year olds. Doing research. Re rating question and I'll accept so. The first question they are just ask and then if there's any clarification or follow me of the guys and women had no idea what they're talking about and that's very became beautiful. Think tax revenues came from him I guess you guys have a prime mentioned what tap. Telescope when he hears things yeah if there's say that there's messaging service called what sap that FaceBook counts. And there is say. Congressperson. Congressman trying to talk to Mark Zuckerberg about. In FaceBook read the messages in what's that. And our 200 kept saying no. Like if you're exchanging messages within their we can't read him guys but can something read them. In that wouldn't know. If that's what congress is well I send a message about what's. Black panther the movie within. What's out. Do I get an ad for a black panther are Summers is now because we can't read that. And so you can't read. It. It's we'll get a resident has been quote gene and we'll try to guess whether or not. This is really asked of Mercer. Arie quote movie studios are having problems with piracy of movies and their products not only this challenging. Com for their profit existence did you know that was a problem. That's for surely no question is that real fast that ran a 100% real the last. So yeah. Yes senator. Yeah that was asked by a representative body Carter. The Motion Picture Association of America is having problems as well as piracy of movies in of their products ended. She's not only is this challenging their profits lead and their very existence did you know that that was problem. Congressman I believe that has been an issue for a long time. It has. I didn't have let you yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't even vote for a guy named buddy to be MI AH Iraq. Yeah I mean like outside of Al high school election don't oppose her body about it. Fair about it but for about a Hoosier by anybody but as ever as your body. Next question quote if yes this is for everyone. Had to use is Dina this model when users don't patty. I Debbie and. Sandy Springs if the service is free. How do you sustain a business model and summon really ask Mark Zuckerberg back. Unarmed. I go with for sure I asked him I think so too I actually heard this I know for sure the answers yes and hi Mark Zuckerberg it's kinda sending answer was brutally cynical. We'll. Do it yes senator. It was the real question asked by senator Orrin. Match do you sustain a business model in which users don't pay for your service senator Reid products. I'm going to be on trying to going to. Certain guys being given out there and again I quote did you ever lose sleep that people get catfish by speak profiles can. Term. Common now. Oxy yet I'm gonna say yes I'm using now I don't things. A little. So yeah. The now. Question. It's a and it sounded real. Time K and then now let's bring in Rainsy Strahan ranked. Hey I went try this one. Yeah do you guy edging gives an Iran all right quell the purpose of creating the Polk. I hope that was real. Pro at our eyes and I have been Israel re your thoughts. Who I I I I don't know I believe that the congressman know about the so I know. It that you say thirty year old right in the initial question Abu may be sure yak OK trio. I ascent of Israeli question for some old guy grow marked a direct I mean like by Judy that defense. This is your idea telling Israel. Yeah you have to yeah I think Israel are you giving covers. So there will. No the current and and Barry I can I ask a question and I I needed and I'm I'm asking aggression in camp. Plead serious and this is completely serious pang and don't want any wine. Why are you a gimme caps actually and commissioner Kelly's right off look. I'm not even hair urine or sometimes a gun. Thank you. Our neighbors and this is an all seriousness. I ask you serious aggression when I was in college. A hundred years ago and there is just messaging was just becoming a thing. Okay I'm ask you for people to call up and back me up. Came. When messaging was just becoming a thing if you had two people being in computer labs on the same campus. Where I went to school at night you could connect and have conversations. Right. The word the U head to use. Tick kit to connect with the other person was. Was was finger. Okay. So you would have to go into bed that paying and you had type game like whatever that Latin name in the lab wise slash. Finger her hobby comic Jiang. Nana and pop up on your screen. And it would say the name of the computer lab and then I would say dollar comic Jeff requesting finger. And then you have to accept my finger okay. And then you accepted it then we can chat could you accept multiple fingers yet you get as many as you can handle you could. Do it right that had to be just your college. But it was the protocol for every college I think so either her. Philly that was just your school IE I IE either completely made that up. Which means I should probably go talked to a professional. Or are that's the real thing and if so why is can somebody please just compact back out to them what I've maybe that's for Pope came from. Only then what do you Polk which is if there and I hate yeah a navy get multiple pokes multiple fingers yeah right a year's super poke. Star in 941.