You're Banned From the Work Holiday Party Part 3

Tuesday, December 13th


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He's your drive and and it helps drown out track. You'll do hereby. Why America. On starry night before blind. And yet we have this music is taken for summer holidays. The most wonderful time of here. Especially for company holiday parties. The time period. Every around the op business. Cookie competition games. Secrecy and a secret Santa Paula name did you do it didn't cash I pulled my name I'm very thing that I get a good here. Ready then the guys Ian you to drink sometimes it work like that view you know an afternoon people all spiked punch. Well some eggnog but the highlight the crown jewel. Company Christmas party. I'm gonna say hide a rise in an act where it can you hold nine for like three minutes Brian. Yet all right if he got a budget calls on hold but I think if there is a trophy. More company Christmas party shenanigans. Your co worker gets the big hole it it's it's pretty it I now. We're gonna come back we gotta do and where he's got to be the winner Darwin Angela hey Angela and Alpharetta. I bank and that's fun you can I don't take my husband my work bunch of mini mart because I have a large that the gay guy in my company. Let them make an effort to get out let's bring in Philip he says that. They get dropped in flirt with him stuff like. And wrap up a it's big game and a. And the rebate it'll be neat I have been like for attract gay and at play well hair and the bet I'm. Cut it to death awkward for me. Like many can't coming. In not invited that's so funny thanks for your time Thomas Arendt and moniker okay. Trying 08. RD one. Alert or not center on each turn out Armitage law and then he proceeded we will. You know it's there and you actually and landed it didn't aren't you. And all. Of bad for the guys with. My parents when he hadn't hit it a. He should play any game JP's role in the other room. I'd I'd feel like we should play that game called is that your company Christmas party or is that these great month. Hey Erin and tell me. Hi may. It would actually my father got me and I'm Mary. And the whole company got the end because he started eighteen I eight. And actual and they're all our. No left. A go to your company out there that your dad's organization can no luck there is a Marriott hotel that will not welcome your dad's company. In their cars because of him. Allow the boat anymore then or any change for any greed and at that Mary ever. And as if if if I didn't yell. I as I started it. He. Loved it he inserts with one and Swedish meatball at fifth. I. It is going to be tough to stop. Brian. In at query these co worker received that crown jewels that big trophy ongoing I have. Of Christmas party and takes what happened your co worker Brian. OK so did this at this stage I used to work for a cruise line in Miami as armed. It's a sort of a rich boat you know cruise liner right. But this (%expletive) you're Barry Beckett and very knack and the particular. Christmas party they actually had it on board one of the sit. Come so you know where outside on the deck by the pool and the Christmas speech and begging everybody for the company and everything. Are there and I speech every trapped in Canada five string quartet playing on the deck and I'm open bar right. About fifteen or twenty minutes later. I hear like a big commotion. So I look too light to my left and I can see that my coworker is solidly. Hysterically. And she runs right at the followed by record date. Al like okay what the heck happened. Little did I know that he got so drunk. He couldn't find the bassoon and still keep pace on on the pool deck are now Bryant's of this CEO. Alone. Oh and now days now and now. It needless. Mean this this say he's the deal basically told them to get all my ship and you. Fired up. You have a later today you heard. Yeah al-Qaeda. Or any ad. Agency faraway. And a he'd he'd be on the deck like they had put a little bit of barricade little yellow car. Her he yeah. Thank you Brian. And at that rate there's the crowd draw of you're actually fired at your company. Yet. Best. And analysts. Hang. And I kind of workers had Pena. Parity in the very little hard compete in an ironic. Now but they lit Utica credit it has helped. Eden a couple of years ago. I don't think you want playing an important quality they weren't. Anyway every day yeah after that I only have to look at her liquid hardly touched. You are looking at her energy content anywhere. Coming up I know he had heard how the law all of only yeah. You don't call. He had indeed at an actor I figured out. How and why all over. Senator. I'm not trying to hit it out there are only at bat linked Sherlock. And. And you know that you're only as ignorant and yellow. Then. You. While I guess you know why we here's the problem Jiang. Wander and Brad bathroom. In the as the years master you and I gotta go hide. Just in. I'm pretty mean it was the ads you get thrown out. It did not may attract. Ordered Intel and A tour and today there's he's got these called lunch he'll. I'm yeah. Yeah I won't name names but we have pretty elaborate parties and open bar very try and based formal everybody Jess is. Really off and look. And I off as co workers. Got varied out. And knew that she would not make it to the bats in that time they called I didn't need one of the round table. Under the around able. He played a cable while that may be no one would vote. For a ball of fluff off eight. It smells wafting up and everything about it is that. Tanya I'm pretty she Putin later on down pat. Are part of. Mean wants to beat his desk hey here's what's amazing about this I just realized it the timing of all these stories are telling is this Saturday night. At a formal. Company party but this Saturday night our boss Tony who we joke and the air's corporate beat him he's very buttoned up is only incidents at the normal. He invited a whole bunch of people overdo this as the can have like in the programming. Folks the radio station candidates have a few drinks and and you know worst pizzas or whatever it as well. I guarantee you he's been in his car for thirty minutes 90 god there go our way had canceled a charity of what it would do. Yeah. And I actually won molecular and it sure. OK so back on. Each and the same kind of crew of people. I can and it's on the radio about different people in each unit or drinking alcohol and people in the living your network. Yeah sending out may need. Smoking sending out. And one of the dairy Mary. And a large hit some big and then she didn't kick it right. Islet in her speech. Austin are. Still wasn't. The she was married and have a little girl and they wouldn't have been buried where. National. Oh. He homes. Well. Word doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds of your son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind yeah.