You're Banned From the Work Holiday Party Part 2

Tuesday, December 13th


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As threats and if I. The Japanese yen shelf Carnegie Hall on. We'll grab Serrie here in. Just a few minutes for us to talk with. Sam I Sam out of that jam. Poll. They say let's go and firmware. Let's thinking you're shelling yet they're talking about women in the workplace and whether or not they rains there eight. Do anywhere related events right and my my husband is not. They buy and buy and my main play he's not allowed I think where related events one. No he really didn't he embarrassed here. I mean I don't think he didn't do anything today. There are many it doesn't get along and I are they. Even really gone until like each other. I don't really know lie you can think end zone the attention of the court. I let the left. How will lay out all of a late goal and it added that night they argue is it. Did they ate one and eat it. Look out they. I don't mind it meant and that I don't know about what I'm. At and they didn't need to continue to. Politic. And a half game really that the green really that the brain and though. I don't have a problem either of them obviously an element has been on and I got and I get along fine by. And they they don't cash flow and. Age you're. Awkward is your home has been understanding. Of the. Yeah situation that. A nanny actually buying. That he would Ocalan that he really light and crowds anyway that he didn't like dying out there and people. And he can expect clay is that people he closed wheel and like Monta I think though he Kelly I know that. Sam hey yeah have you ever gotten like holiday gift from your boss and not told your husband and I was from. That would be in line hey. Lay had evidently imagining she got like a real leg get really cool I'm nano technology it is immediately. As Bob and counting resident who wants. Now he has and now it is in it and great a national Atlantic and it might try to keep that separate ways I felt like that kind of and. And ten that they live starting a delicate line I need to Edmonton on on the ball. But T let my coworkers. He had no I had been under and and I haven't talked I thought much about it but. Yeah. Thank you for the costs and you're not alone. He welcomed it as well yeah. Lining I'm very good so you know someone who is banned from company Christmas parties. So we had really. Are now one year in and coworker and the husband okay. And he has a whole lot. To deploy it that. I. Across the floor. Of the year. And he literally leak in my career Alia so. Here. When who's who we. That is not your husband does that color. You know. Has an eye color as. We are all in. Italy. And we're only a new year. I don't wish it. There was a chip in people's brains leg legged DVR you know where we can just roll back. I'd love to know the thoughts going through your head as he started licking your wrist and that it went up iron out. Let me out there and I'm all about parliament on the table like man I don't look a whole new ball. It. And so you've got to the point of licking beer off the arm hi I'm vaguely. And and mine and had its outlook and the man he just didn't daily lives lack. Dominion on the path. Oh how perfect it means thank you keep them. Is. I guess we can't leave weekend we could leave the phone lines open for this world for. 7419400. I mean we got phone calls I'm asking for himself the story of why somebody got banned from your holiday party yeah that's why your significant others. Banned from buying your co workers. Oral 47419420. That was elements stories I doubt I was not even actually two alarm because everything we she described up to the licking from the Ritz few of these shoulder. Where things that JP data at my wedding attire. Hey yeah I promise. I'll let your eyes and head back at. Your calls next maybe. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.