You're Banned From the Work Holiday Party Part 1

Tuesday, December 13th


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Did championship and show. Star. I'd rate after this. Conversation about the holiday Christmas party we're gonna talk with a woman named Sarah. Got a bit of a don't want. Should she Spain. The Christmas holiday with the former in laws. She sent her ex husband's in his inner. Now I'll be there not be there and no children that the ex in laws invited her over for Chris. Yeah we'll talk to her without her many 15 this morning. Is this a true statement or a false statement for that women in this IE I am not of one. At least not most of the time I am. So I had it comes ordering. And I. Solve this survey. That the most stressful period of the holiday season a stressful I'm holiday season. Actually for women is the experience of the company. And why is that is that today the being around. People co workers but a social setting OK having it you know behave differently there. I'm finding something appropriate the way it's you know it's going at the hole. Changing the windy on the changing of roles thing. Though. Would you agree your company Christmas parties stressed his friend I. I don't give it a second. I think can be stressful I've been stressed in the past not necessarily about what to Wear. But about who I was going to run into the party because you have to put on happy face me and V in the holidays. And you. It's nice to see you if even if like in company dealings you've not been happy with this person in your company Muller if you've had to. If you're the manager and you uncomfortable. In earlier you know boss employee conversation. Recently yeah. You know if you've got a reprimand somebody at work and then the next day you've gotta go being nice nice friendly. And it's. Yeah I have. I scored while I would be operative offered different reasons. The biggest issues are figuring out what to Wear and how to have fun while staying professional. He. Because Alex you're so early anyway and Leo and we rescue plan. Nobody ever it's a cius and he rolls and dresses and they do. It is always in all of matter you know last year I about it and yes impression that the pressures like that date and introduce people. That. Money name. And army. Perino like yours and because that's going to be a problem. A good idea flash cards before exactly what a guy in this building go with Mike. There are so many nights in the area. But the worst average age companies prisons party a couple of years ago and he weighed under dress and I asked as I should take on. Each of them. And now. No matter of yeah yeah. Couple years again Jack. And I'll let as far as nose at a channel shoes any would it and he got there around like house on the heiress. So that so that's on the you do make impression. It's it's an interesting thought as I wonder if there's anybody who's actually not taking some into the company and now you can count. You cannot. When you are banned because of what happened in here years at your band for this year. I may suspend that somewhere. And you really can't co worker and then I'm bringing their dates. No late eight coworker that's. Frauds like like it would be like if if Jen brought grants to the company Christmas party and it midnight he's on the table wearing nothing but a but that table croft for on napkins above his head yeah. How they should. All Clinton minded not a bad happened in Mason and she said the next year the U. That would be situation I would meet them next year but everybody in the company yeah. Bread and bill paying him Andrea it's always about Matt stressful now visited the F survey. It is on if you really like everybody that you work with and I if you don't like to people you work with and you have to be nice to. That's thinks are is everybody here on the Tonys and Saturday night. Area yet. Are we on the Ingrid and yes. Are a solid work they do so yeah. Now back to the 01 story nannies or wants.