You're Banned From the Work Holiday Party Jenny's Call

Tuesday, December 13th


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He's gone. And although. A little girl and I. Jeff finch and shell and stuff and people want and imagine getting a holiday it letter from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian last. I I worked on that. On his behalf fifty. Over the past couple days now present sunny west holiday letter the greatest letter of all time greatest value of all time of the about ten minutes from right now and. Earlier this morning we at some time people getting kicked out have there office. Holiday party at a company Christmas party hacks and why we were talking about how it's a stressful thing for most women because the coming holiday party and then. We got some economists and the phone calls are not stopping I mean the stories have been so fantastic I thought we were done with it. When we heard about B Dawson's Creek. Christmas party where Katie Holmes ended up marking after you know inhalants on. And I think Aaron I think we're gonna continue with the with Jenny continuing the conversation about. Holiday parties gone sideways. If it is a story about you worry is that the story about somebody in now. Is it about my hat that is okay. And he. Had hatred that party at a very tight right now and Utley. And at about 11 o'clock that evening I called and heat that he data can get and I thought she looked hot and then I'm in my pajamas that but first back there and in the car. Let's all right let's let's really enjoyed the first part of this story because. In order to be so intoxicated. That you can't push a button that says. Requests are now car hey you've only thing that you have to deal when using uber rap is not move. That unit totally act. Explain how they play I would argue every all that look like they're you cannot or if wrap early. And they went by Brad I'm not why am I got it. Not I doubt that either went let our guys did they're late and had to examine the car drag that key hit that area right now. I I. And I had to get out of the car lot and I in the lead hate he acted male workers here right now. An app in their health it we're looking. Everywhere all over the I have an act it looked in the backer and I think you're in my ear I got cut here it's like I I knew I needed locked out late at. At that idea that we lock out side. I'm an anywhere and I looked anchor. And an easy solution. To the. My dad I imagine. I imagine this looks like the there which after the house landed on her. It looks like MI neck T yeah and kids alike is back yeah. Like elect my you're at you with hatch. Out indeed bounce it outside of right now would it all I Ebert is he. Had a very. Our network card. Are you never live that went down ever. Well you I will say this January cool partner beat is there are a lot of people who would have left him as. Or maybe even from gasoline in a match on an and then Mike outside money. They did strategy AMA straw that all the positive thanks for the college any. Day Elaine yeah again I'd and it. Like my group and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.