Is Your Mom Meaner?

Monday, May 2nd


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Or one. Calls and the need moms are pouring in including one from Foreman who's gonna admit that she is the meanest mom. And punish her son and a terrible way. What they do is causing a second but if you are in the vicinity of Avalon that this evening radio comedy shows absolutely free they do it every. Monday nights at every month on the first Monday of the month and that means it's on tonight and and the headliner. So c'mon at Avalon this evening and here's some jokes. I checked because of the weather and I checked to see in it's still on so will the rain or shine will just move it inside if it's it's a little went out tonight at analyst. We talked about the meet mom selling her daughters that car on Craig's list because she misbehaved. We're like you know what that mom was mean but my mom was meaner hey actually in what sack. Home actually. Eight it actually my grandmother. That quick at creek that can't Alter our place. Willow would allow you to deserve that led in front of him to. And radical. She was Israeli rule but at the water and anything she is. Also he didn't do anything wrong genius I don't know Bernie Getz and found you know I think you might be getting an edited version of that story. Yeah okay. He pushed a button. Edinburgh loud. Really bad. OK on my god he pushed her buttons and it seemed far. Hey Zoe in Clarksville what's out. Chain. And so my son kept getting in trouble and preschool and I. We did everything because you know but with the everything away that he eat he. Is this are you about to admit that your that mean mom. I am I mean my car crash IRA preschooler what it would educated that where preschooler. Have great article. But nothing worked. So we decided that are you mark. The ban after it. Out every he would get in trouble at our men on the only. The fact. When President Obama would elect the first time. Wrote that get you everything about President Obama. Or eat bad. There three or four hours. It's fair to have sixties band is a former partner or some form of punishment. They Amanda welcomed in the show what's going on. In an awful lot out there are bad in here I played long you are old now and my dad haven't looked at daughter eighty. Alert and outlet that and fair queen. The camera and the economy the need an economic you blow it right into the ugly and she trickle it my curly iShares are. Okay I thought I. The fact that amaze me didn't you explained that the higher the hair the closer to god is that than. The telemann. I hate joy in Atlanta how are you hate doing. I. When I was a kid my older brother was supposed to pay my mom we're using the car. And he did not paint her as she could eat on May have walked fifteen miles to work. All my big ha ha ha X how old was he he went sixteen spoke about how long it take to get to work every day. At spirit we got to work that day he I was gonna say that then I'll say cash that paycheck and turned arrayed over her and gas and yet it is Suzanne in Atlanta's going to be our last on this day Suzanne. All. He was your mom meaner. I think. I have a brother that was one in the eighty is born eighty cable. And hit eight great years junior high he decided lot after years that he was found it got a little time can won his best friend. Never gonna say it could hold it along exploded frank act that shortly after school from the back strap. And I didn't exactly the boys are correlated Trent can't figure out their hair kit along well mom mom had to get to the hospital to kick him out and then be back at a ball won't know locked. They still can ask a lot of alcohol. Well so once he got him home he had picked out my four liar the officers and all that. And he may he pulled down every one of everything he had on him the IR hunter lake and then shake his hand. All got a whole lot longer are. Being. Like I don't mind I'm late I'm late it's the the brains of the kids that presented DNA unit figures which family and he's like I'm aware of four pairs of underwear and see thing on an opponent down all right news last columnist Jeff and I in Alpharetta. I am yet my mom made me Wear the same outfit are all week and high school because I did not do a lot of great. That is torture all is saying oh OK okay. Guys in that humanity meanest if you do laundry about every other day now. Yeah I'm very good line at all but put it away actual older I've mentioned to us it's just. She now. One.